Updated 31.03.21

Healthcare rights of migrants

Asylum seekers: Asylum seekers have access to state medical care. This includes emergency health care and essential treatment of illness and serious mental disorders.


Refugees: Refugees have access to state medical services free of charge. They have equal rights compared with Maltese citizens and are, therefore, entitled to all the benefits and assistance to which Maltese citizens are entitled to under the Maltese Social Security Act. 

Undocumented migrants: Undocumented migrants have the right to state medical care and services free of charge within the framework of detention centres.

HIV testing and treatment


Free for all, although private hospitals may sometimes charge a fee. It is anonymous, but if results are positive, the person has to be registered in order to get treatment. . 

Use the aidsmap European test finder to see where you can get tested for HIV. 



Free for all, except for undocumented people.

Country Statistics

Total Population: 442,276


Estimated migrant population: 41,442


Estimated refugee population (2019): 8,908


Estimated number of undocumented migrants (2019): N/A