Updated 31.03.21

Healthcare rights of migrants

Asylum seekers: Have the right to urgent medical care which includes emergency medical assistance, emergency rescue services, emergency dental assistance and emergency treatment based on the decision of the treating physician. 

Asylum-seeking children and students up to the age of 26 are entitled to health care to the same extent as other children in Slovenia who are insured as family members, which means they enjoy full medical coverage.  Women can also access specific reproductive health care and all asylum seekers have a right to a translator when they go to a physician.


Refugees: Are entitled to compulsory health insurance, which covers health care costs entirely. If the illness or injury occurs to a refugee who is not employed, the Office for Immigration and Refugees covers the expenses


Undocumented migrants: Can access emergency care free of charge. For non-urgent medical care, undocumented migrants have to pay themselves. They may also access primary and secondary health care in return for full payment. 

HIV testing and treatment

Testing: Free for everyone with health insurance. Free HIV testing for those without health insurance can be received at the clinic of infectious diseases in Ljubljana.

Use the aidsmap European test finder to see where you can get tested for HIV. 


Treatment: Free for those who are insured.

Country Statistics

Total Population: 2,079,123


Estimated migrant population: 260,000


Estimated refugee population (2019): 



Estimated number of undocumented migrants (2019): N/A


Main migrant populations (2020) : Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia